Like to increase your GP by 3-4%?

WPF may have just what you are looking for!

Today’s most successful office furniture dealers are winning projects and improving their bottom lines by offering their clients alternative solutions that respond to today’s tough budget pressures while still generating superior margins for the dealer. How are they doing that? If you’re a WorkPlace Furnishings dealer, you already know the answer: a powerful blend of the right product mix and marketing programs with the right training to make sure your staff, company-wide, is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow the value and boost the overall margin of every project.

Aligned and non-aligned alike, WPF dealers are stronger today because of what we offer: superior buying power and special programs from a broad mix of suppliers who can address virtually every end user need; innovative industry education, delivered how and where you want it; dealer networking and sharing of best practices that can point the way to new growth opportunities and fresh perspectives on common problems and challenges; the support of a dedicated team of industry professionals with many years of office furniture experience.

At WPF, we’re dedicated to providing our members with the tools and knowledge they need to grow their top line sales while improving bottom line profits. Our ability to offer the industry’s strongest dealer buying network, coupled with innovative programs that empower our members to improve dealer processes, strengthen their skill sets and overcome day-to-day challenges along the way, makes WPF the must-have partner for your business.

WPF is not a good fit for everyone.  We don’t intend to be. But if you are interested in improving your sales and profits, strengthening the abilities of your people and enjoying the added benefit of rebate income, then membership in WPF may be perfectly suited for you.

If WPF sounds like a positive strategic partnership for your company, contact Greg Nemchick to discuss the details. (724-771-1452);




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