From a business model that initially focused almost exclusively on discounts and rebates, WPF today offers a broad range of programs and services designed to support its members in practically every key area of dealer operations. In addition to special group buying and rebate programs with industry-leading manufacturers, service partners and resources, WPF also offers members education and training support through its Learning Academy, customized pre-employment testing services tailored to member requirements, a program to help dealers reduce their freight costs and comprehensive marketing programs in print, electronic and an iPad app.

Learning Academy. 
training and developing employees is still one of the most important challenges facing any business. Whether you are hiring people new to the industry or improving the skill set of seasoned professionals, the WPF Learning Academy can be a valuable tool for your company

Blended Solution. 
the “blended solution” or selling a broader range of products to your clients is one way WPF dealers are increasing sales and margins

place WPF sales tools in the hands of your customers so when tight budget considerations are a priority they are aware that you have solutions to meet their needs

My Resource Library. 
a virtual library that offers you access to all of your resources that you’d normally find in your physical binder library, in a portable format

Spec Simple. 
virtual library customized to fit your company's specific individual needs 

Horizon Keystone Financial. 
a division of Marlin Leasing Corporation, is an industry specialist in furniture leasing/financing

Optivia Logistics. 
opportunities to improve your bottom line come in many forms and cutting the cost of freight is one of them
Contact Lou Kovacs, director of sales and marketing ( | 513-869-8545)

Corporate Workplace Services. 
a one-stop professional solution for managing out-of-market delivery, installation and project management

Assessment Technologies Group. 
full service, industrial/organizational consultancy that provides human resource decision support

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